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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity design defines and establishes visual rules that form your brand. As your business grows more rules are set according to how you decide to market it to your target audience. These rules can be pooled together into what is called a brand guideline. Guidelines act as the 'glue' that holds all of your brand rules together ensuring your corporate message is clear and consistent.

A corporate identity includes elements that go far beyond just a logo. These elements may include the style of imagery, colours, the use of type, language and the way they are all put together in a unified and consistent manner across various media and collateral.

Hydra Media create corporate identities that capture the essence of your brand and what sets you apart from your competitors. We offer a full corporate identity design service that covers corporate identity creation to production of corporate identity guidelines as well as full implementation and integration across all digital and print media. This means that your brand will be extended into letterheads, business cards and other physically branded items, but it will also include methods for digital media such as your website and marketing campaigns.

If you have a new businesses, product or idea we are more than happy to assist with with every step in the process of bringing your brand to life starting with consulting regarding the name. This is an integral aspect of our corporate identity creation service offer, ensuring new or refreshed brands with a robust strategy for success. Once a name is established we can begin expanding your brand starting with a stunning logo and growing your corporate identity into an attractive and meaningful one.

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