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January 29, 2017
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    Primary Goals

    To create a brand and image that rejects traditional ideals of masculinity. The brand should approach this subject in a lighthearted manner.


    For our first trick we tackled the name of the brand, incorporating several languages to form, phonetically, the common phrase ‘beard oil’.Beer (Dutch: bear) d’ (French: of) Oil stylised as: Oil of the Bear.During our research we found that most men do not relate to the masculine representations used by most brands. In most cases there is no consideration given to diversity of race, gender and orientation. To distance our brand from these stereotypes we created Bearnard, the official mascot. Each range features a customised version of the mascot including Bad Boy Bear, Gentleman Bear and Original Bear.Bearnard Bjornsson has his own Twitter account with a growing list of followers and speaks from the perspective of a bear allowing him to directly challenge stereotypes without locking the brand into a specific target market defined by language, race, culture, gender or orientation.In addition to Bearnard we created all of the visual material associated with the brand as well as a website full of ursine puns.


    Beer d’Oil products are in the final stages of development and testing, however the mascot, brand goals and sense of humour have helped to develop a following with an army of eager product testers awaiting delivery of the first batch.Visit beerdoil.co.za to sign up for our newsletter and to become a product tester.