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June 15, 2016
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August 6, 2015
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    Prepare To Set Sale

    Saleboat is a multi-platform sales management application which gives more power and control to sales reps and managers. Developed by Kusasa Information Systems, our constant companions, Hydra Media was tasked with planning and executing the brand identity, the process flow and interaction layer for the application.

    Swabbing The Decks

    While the branding for Saleboat came about as a unique entity without much effort we encountered many challenges while planning the process flow. No two sales departments are the same and our goal was to create an uncompromisingly simple to use system that allowed for advanced customisation to meet the needs of all potential users from individuals to teams of hundreds. This approach permeates not only the main application but the soon to be released modules which accompany the application and extend the already ample functionality even further.

    Sale Away

    Saleboat is accessible via the web from any internet capable device using unique and secure logins and offers additional functionality on mobile devices. The stylish interface has been specifically crafted for ease of use and employs an intuitive and recognisable design. Regardless of whether a user is comfortable with Windows, Android, OS X or iOS, Saleboat is available and is easy to pick up and use.