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Product & Packaging Design

So you have an amazing idea, but before you invest into full scale production you need a plan: a logo, a brand and a platform to sell it for you. But, first, you need to make sure your product is perfect. Industrial design makes a critical difference to the way people engage with products and services. At Hydra Media we can help you to match your innovative idea with equally innovative and appealing product design.

At Hydra we are as passionate about your product as you are, but we also understand that every project will have creative and technical constraints. To save you both time and money we can carry out the necessary market research required to understand how best to craft your product. Our approach is to iterate quickly, but thoroughly, using 3D prototyping to explore ideas during the product design phase.

Packaging should allure, persuade, inform and protect your product. As experienced packaging designers we strive for packaging to be aesthetically stimulating, convey all the necessary information and to protect the product throughout its life cycle. Combining our creative packaging design skills, structural packaging knowledge and print management, results in packaging design which really stands out.

In both cases we work closely with our clients and their production teams to ensure that all of the concept options we present can be properly evaluated before moving into development phases that need a much higher level of investment. We can also assist you with the selection of the most appropriate materials and hand over the project to your chosen manufacturer according to their required specifications.

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