Why We Make Our Own Stuff

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February 15, 2016
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Why We Make Our Own Stuff

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A lot of design firms stake their claim based on their ability to cater to what their customers really want. Hydra is a little different.

In truth any good design studio is capable of listening and delivering on the expectations of their clients. It’s our job. I’ve yet to encounter one, however, that’s willing to dive into the very areas our clients are currently dealing with.

As it stands Hydra is directly involved and invested in the design and development of several apps, games and concepts. We’re often asked what Hydra’s core business is and why we develop our own products.

The answer is pretty simple. We just wouldn’t be happy selling something that we’re not completely proud of.

When we take on a project for a client they receive not only the box-ticking of an ad agency, but also the consideration and careful craftsmanship of a business that designs, develops and deploys it’s own products.

That’s our bottom line really.

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